2021-2022 COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures - Pike County Schools (Updated 9/2/2021)

COVID-19 Protocols effective 09/03/21

Updates 01/18/2022


  • Optional for all staff and students
  • Not required on buses


  • Increased cleaning protocols will be implemented by custodians.
    • Enhanced cleaning will take place in response to positive cases.
  • Water fountains and bottle refill stations will be available for use.

Positive Cases

  • Individuals will be sent home according to DPH guidance.
  • DPH forms submitted to report positives & potential close contacts.
  • Absences will be counted as excused for students.
  • Staff required to utilize personal sick leave.

Contact Tracing

  • Contact Tracing – 3 feet/15 minutes.
  • Names of “close contacts” will be submitted to the Department of Public Health.
  • Schools will maintain a log of all close contacts.
  • Students who choose to quarantine will be considered an excused absence. Teachers should allow them to make-up work as they would with any other excused absence.
  • Staff members who choose to quarantine will be required to utilize sick leave. Federal leave has not been extended.

 Ongoing Mitigation Strategies

  • Daily temperature checks for all staff and students

Additional Information

  • Visitors/parents are allowed back in schools in accordance with local school procedures.
  • Schools will resume normal field trip procedures.
  • Code Q will be used for quarantined absences
  • Teachers and students should provide/make-up work under the same expectations as any other excused absence.
  • Symptomatic individuals must quarantine regardless of vaccination status.
  • Seating charts will still be required for contact tracing purposes.
    • All other internal logistics (class transitions, desk arrangements, cafeteria protocols, staggered dismissals, etc.) are at the discretion of local school administration.