Pike County's Innovative Student Curriculum

Pike County’s Portrait of a Graduate consists of five core competencies that we view are vital competencies for a student’s success in college, in their career, and and in their overall lives. This portrait serves as the District’s “North Star” with regard to how we structure our curriculum; students must be able to think critically, solve creatively, communicate clearly, act responsibly, and collaborate effectively.

Five Core Competencies

Think Critically

The ubiquitous nature of technology and the rapid pace of innovation creates a condition whereby those who can think and learn independently will thrive.

Solve Creatively

Pike County's programs challenge students to develop solutions using science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real problems.

Collaborate Effectively

We recognize that effective teamwork starts with effective communication. We teach our students to interact positively in order to earn positive results.

Communicate Clearly

Pike County exposes students to as many platforms and styles for communication as possible to facilitate multifaceted social and teamwork skills.

Act Responsibly

Employers indicate personal responsibility is highly coveted in an increasingly remote workforce where employees have more independence.

Portrait of a Graduate Video Series

Episode 1


The US Department of Labor states that today’s students will average 10-14 jobs by the age of 38. And, the demand for workers to complete repetitive routine tasks has decreased exponentially due to automation, digitizing, and off-shoring. Students will be, by and large, employed to do jobs involving non-routine tasks, complex thinking, and enhanced communication. In fact, the top-ten most in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. In essence, we are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we aren’t aware of yet. 

Episode 2


Preparing students for life beyond school has never been more challenging, as today’s students must be equipped with skills to navigate a dynamic and rapidly changing world. Regardless of whether you philosophically believe the mission of schools is to produce employable workers, responsible citizens, or both, we can all agree that students who can think critically, problem solve creatively, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively are better prepared than the students who memorized volumes of loosely connected factual information only to discard it immediately after a test.

Episode 3


Pike County continues to refine our professional learning and curriculum revision so we can deliver high quality instruction focusing on critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Today, we are in the process of refining and defining the most important knowledge and skills in the Georgia Standards for Excellence so students can engage learning deeply through inquiry. Educating our children must be more than simply telling them what to think; we must teach them HOW to think. Students must be given opportunities to make meaning and discover understandings in all content areas.

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